And so now what?

Now that I’ve achieved my biggest long-term horse goal to date – I need to decide where to go from here, at least with Fling.

Even though we earned the Bronze, I have no illusions about being ready to move to the next level. Many people say if you are scoring 60s at one level, it’s time to move up. I do not agree with that.From experience, I think you really need to be scoring mid-60s for the most part before you’ve really ‘mastered’ a level.

So, part of ‘where we go’ is to stay right here – her flying changes need the most work, but her canter needs to be more reliably collected and in self-carriage. She also needs to get more ‘up’ in her medium and extended gaits. Her shoulder-in, half pass and turns on the haunches are good, but with work, could score 8s, offsetting her weaker points, which will always be the extended gaits. Fling is very ‘baroque’ in that collection is her forte.

My choices of ‘where to go next’ include:

  • Don’t show any more right now and train until she is either ready to kick butt at third level, or move to fourth to get the first scores toward the Silver Medal
  • Work on improving and show again later this year with the aim of qualifying for the championships in November. We only need one more score since we already earned one of the two qualifying scores we need to qualify for both the SWDC Championships and the USDF GAIC championships
  • Keep training and change this year’s goals to just competing at schooling shows to gain proficiency at riding through the tests, and try and qualify for and compete at the HDS Schooling Show championships next December
  • Or some combination of the above

And partly, what I do with Fling also depends on how Faeryn and Faxx are doing and how much showing I want to do with them. I think at this point I would rather focus on training with them both and only do schooling shows this year. However, Faeryn performed so well at the USDF Championships last year, I have it in the back of my mind that I would like to plan on qualifying and showing her at First level. Faxx is the more talented and impressive horse, but Faeryn most definitely handles the pressure of really big shows much better. Faxx performs better in year-long sort of competitions like USDF Horse of the Year, while Faeryn performs well in ‘head to head’ competitions because she is very, very consistent and is not affected by the ‘electric’ atmosphere of big shows like Faxx is. She may spook or spin, but when it’s over, it’s over – and she goes right back to work. 

But for now, it’s rained buckets todayand is still raining. It may be a few days before anyone gets any closer to achieving more 2011 goals. đŸ˜‰ 


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