And now, cold, dark and drizzle

I planned to ride Faeryn in the field this evening, and you know what they say about plans.  Traffic was awful and I got home 20 minutes later than usual – a huge monkey wrench when you’re starting out with an hour of daylight at best. Add in time to change clothes at warp speed, hike out in the ten-acre field and corral said horse, then tack up — you see where I am going.

The cherrry on top this evening was just as I had buckled the LAST buckle on Faeryn’s bridle, and was putting on my helmet and heading out of the barn – it started raining. Ok, well, for Texas, maybe it couldn’t be considered a ‘proper’ rain but there was definitely moisture coming down from the heavens. I considered my options and decided since I was slightly ‘overdressed’ for the current temps, I’d head on out and hope it quit.

Well, it didn’t quit, but it was maybe more like a heavy mist rather than a drizzle, and since i was wearing fleece breeches and a fleece top with a down vest on top, I was a bit ‘water resistant.’

I barely got started when Fling and Faxx started doing airs above the ground on the opposite side of the field which sent Faeryn into a tailspin – almost quite literally.

 I had to laugh at Fling, though. She was, literally, LEAPING into the air. Not like rearing up and then bucking. No, she was jumping up in the air off of all four feet at once and looked a bit like she was levitating. 😉  She was really “jumping for joy.” It always makes me smile to see her so happy. But at the moment I had to pay attention to Faeryn, who was in danger of completely losing her mind.  I put her on a circle at the trot and dared her to bolt. After a few rounds she settled down (and Faxx and Faeryn finally ceased their airborn acrobatics) but she was not happy about the ‘heavy mist’ that was now dripping off my helmet and had almost soaked her. She went back to work, but gave her pretty little head an impatient shake every once in awhile, as if to say “Hey lady, I don’t think THIS is in my contract!”  Well, I wasn’t sure it was in MY contract either! By now it was getting pretty dark. I got only a few minutes of canter in by the time I’d warmed her up and gotten her over the worst of her mini meltdown. Still trying to ‘diagnose’ her left canter problem. I think part of it is that she is drifting right, as another way to avoid ‘weighting’ that right hind. I rode her and paid very close attention to using more right leg going to the left, along with more right rein to control her tendancy to drift, and the canter got better. It’s an idea, and a start and I’ll have to ‘test’ this theory in more depth next time I get to ride her.

But of course, the weather forecast is crummy, and I saw a forecast for next weekend and it’s not looking so good either. And of course you are saying “What do you expect – it’s Houston – it’s January.’  Yea, well, a girl can hope…..


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