“Let there be light” and other things….

My ‘farm maintenance manager” (aka Mike) finally got the light up in my round pen. Now if I can just get myself to use it. At least it is nice and bright – 1500 watt Halogen.

I detest riding in the dark. Add in the cold factor and it takes a huge kick in the rear to make me do it. Like I said, I’m solar powered! But with my arena out of commission, and only about 45 minutes of daylight when I get home, I should be glad I have the lighted round pen. The footing IS fabulous. Having a rock base makes ALL the difference in the world. And I’ve _almost_ got the footing very evenly distributed, finally.

But, to look on the bright side – we’re gaining about 30 seconds of daylight each day right now, and that gain also increases each and every day.  I found this chart detailing just how much daylight we’re gaining every day:


By February I’ll have an entire HOUR of daylight! (insert sarcasm emoticon here!) 

 And in other news, I finally got to watch Faeryn’s 71% ride from last spring’s Tyler Dressage Classic. It was her second recognized show ever, and she vascillated between ‘seasoned pro’ and scaredy cat. Scaredy cat was in attendance when we were supposed to enter the actual competition arena and a perfect stranger had to lead her into the arena! I remember thinking “This isn’t going to be good.”  But as soon as she realized where she was, she was all business. A friend used my camera and videoed it for me, but I had never figured out how to ‘finalize’ it and so couldn’t watch it other than on the 1″ camera screen. LOL!  My “IT manager” (aka Mike) figured out how to finalize it so I could watch it in a more ‘meaningful’ venue. LOL.

Gosh she looked good, so steady and grown up (especially when you consider what she was doing in the warm up arena about 15 minutes prior!) but she also has changed SO much. She looks like the ’98-lb weakling’ compared to now. She’s gained about 100 lbs of muscle and her topline looks SO much better – especially her butt! Amazing what having a good ‘personal trainer’ can do for a gal. 😉


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