Fling goes to the dentist

I took the day off today as my ‘floating’ holiday for New Year’s Day. I had made an appointment for Fling to go to the equine dentist today. I did not want to make the mistake I made last year – by not getting her set up for an appointment before the show year started. Sure enough, the week before our first show last year she started showing signs of teeth trouble and I could not get her in to the dentist before the show.

Fling loves our equine dentist  – maybe it’s the drugs? She has a very weird mouth. She has a lower front tooth that just never came in, and her mouth is way too small for both the size and number of teeth she has, according to Dr. Davis. Her back molars are jammed in such that they don’t even sit straight – they sort of tilt this way and that, and so are very prone to developing a ‘wave’ which makes it hard for her to properly chew their food.  For the first few years of her life, our regular vet did her dental work, but she developed some odd behavior under saddle, which finally (after a long, winding road that included chiro and acupuncture) turned out to be her teeth – at which time she visited the equine dentist for the first time. Her mouth was a mess, and it’s taken three trips over the space of about two years to completely get it straightened out. Or, as Dr. Davis said today, it’s now as “normal” as we’re going to be able to get it, given her basic ‘architecture.” That strange ‘architecture’ also made finding a curb bit that was not too wide, and had a thin enough mouthpiece a huge challenge. I conducted a (literally) worldwide search to find one that she could tolerate, and even the ultimate ‘winner’ still has a mouthpiece that is really not thin enough for her. It is really tough when your horse needs a curb that is 4 3/4″ wide. Its’ about the equivalent of a woman needing a size 0 petite pants.

As I type Fling is halfheartedly gumming her hay. She always has a hard time eating for a few days after visiting the dentist. She’ll also have tomorrow and Wednesday off to recuperate. Looks like rain is coming anyway.

Faeryn was a little star again today. Her canter is getting bettter and better, and so is the counter canter.

I rode Faxx in the round pen yesterday – super footing – and he was a very good boy.


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