Faxx hates his new hay net. ;)

Faxx is a hay hoover. I swear he could eat an entire bale in less than four hours. If they had ‘professional’ eating contests for hay, he would be the “Joey Chestnut” of ‘extreme eating.’  Faxx is also cursed, like his owner, with a very efficient metabolism. His food instake is constantly scrutinized. Although Faxx is the biggest of my horses, he gets the smallest amount of feed. (But don’t tell him that!)

In an effort to slow him down, I purchased a hay net with very small openings. I used it for the first time yesterday. I filled it with his ‘ration’ of two large flakes of hay, put it in his muck bucket in his stall (what I use for hay mangers) and then used a double end snap to secure it so he could not pull it out of the bucket. That is one of his tricks – he will dump his entire pile of hay on the floor and drag it around the stall.  He sniffed the hay net, discovered he could not take a huge bite out of it, OR pull it out and throw it on the floor, and followed me to the stall door, trying to tell me I’d surely made some mistake here. 😉

Only after growing tired of standing at the front of his stall and staring at me to COME DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS MALFUNCTIONIING HAY FEEDER would he even try to get hay out of it. Is it mean to laugh at your horse while you watch him succeed in only pulling hay out 2 or 3 strands at a time??  Is it being a poor sport to also perform the “YES!” hand pump while witnessing his pitiful efforts? 😉


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