Faeryn gets a pretty pink LEATHER halter for Christmas


A friend of mine gave Faeryn a beautiful PINK LEATHER halter for Christmas! How the heck do they even MAKE pink leather? She thinks she is very pretty in it. Faeryn is definitely a ‘pink’ kind of girl.

I had super rides on her today and yesterday. It’s been a few days since she’s been ridden, but, like her big sister, Fling, she seems to have ‘thought about’ what she learned in our last ride. Her canter is much improved, and we’re making progress toward canter/walk transitions. I also for the first time asked her to do the canter serpentine from Second level. She struggled with the counter canter loop – it’s really the first time she’s been asked to do any counter canter other than the shallow loop serpentine from First Four.  I rode it twice both directions and she definitely got better. Sometimes they have to ‘learn’ and ‘understand’ the movement before they really do well on it – regardless of whether they can actually do the basic work required for it.  After I did a few of the canter serpentines, I did some counter canter on a 20m half circle and that was much easier for her.



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