Merry Christmas everyone!

I am cooking a complete Christmas dinner for family and friends coming tomorrow – but I still made time to ride Fling. I’ve ‘studied’ the comments on my two tests from last weekend and been working on things that we didn’t do as well.   It’s a real sign of how ‘moldable’ horses are when the “hard” direction and the “easy” direction keep flip flopping!  My right turn on the haunches had been giving me all kinds of grief – Fling just kept stepping out of it and wanting to ‘spin’ around.  One session working on it with Debbie and I go a better understanding of the root cause. So we’ve been working on it. and now the right TOH is better than the left. And I have the proof from my test scores!  And in a similar vein, a month ago our canter half pass was a problem – but at the show I did much better on my canter half passes than my trot half passes. The comment on the trot half passes was that her haunches were trailing.  I think I am overcompensating since in my lessons before the show her haunches have been leading! LOL!

Last night I rode Faeryn and I think I am coming closer to getting her canter fixed. It’s a combination of me sitting more evenly on my seatbones — I have been sitting way too much to the left — plus insisting she use her right hind and step under more, and through that stepping under with the hind, she’s straighter and more connected to the outside rein. During our ride, an ambulance came down our street. We live on a dead end street and that’s a first. I was riding Faeryn in the field and Faxx and Fling went galloping away from the ambulance, while I kept Faeryn from bolting by pulling her head around so she could only go in a circle — while gesturing franticallly to the ambulance driver to please turn off the siren! (Our property is on the corner and fronts the street on two sides, so he had a LOT of road to travel before getting very far away from us!)  Fortunately the driver understood and silenced the siren – otherwise he may have had to stop and pick me up too!

If you’re reading this Christmas Eve and want to know when Santa will arrive in your town, check the NORAD Santa tracker:

And speaking of Santa – I better get those cookies and milk out and get to bed!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!



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