Faeryn (and I!) get a jumping lesson!

It has been more than 20 years since I did any real jumping. I poppd Lisa, Faeryn and Fling’s mom, over cavaletti periodically when she was alive, and that’s about it since the ealry 1980s! 

But, given how much Faeryn loved jumping during our chute sessions prepping for the OldNA Mare Performance Test, and that I would like to work toward getting Faxx ready to show Hunter Hack at some Arab shows, I thought I would get my ‘feet wet’ with Faeryn. If I ever had time to actually learn the jumping stuff better, I would LOVE to do some very low level (2′ max!) eventing with Faeryn. I think we would both love it. Plus, when I was working on chute jumping, her canter got much better – it helps her sometimes-sticky stifle a lot to jump.

So I hauled her over to Cathy Strobel’s today and we had a private lesson and I found out just how inflexible 54-year-old ankles and knees can be! Let’s just say I won’t be sending any photos of myself jumping for George Morris’ jumping clinic anytime soon! But the most important thing was Faeryn was a very good girl – a bit excited at first by the chickens in a pen behind Cathy’s jump ring and I had to administer some pretty extreme half halts the first 10 minutes or so. But, when it came to the actual jumping, she was calm and didn’t overjump so much that she jumped me out of the tack. I was worried she would get overexcited by the jumping – she got a tiny big strong, but  got better and by the end she was pretty calm about it all.

 I think it would help me to take a lesson or two on one of Cathy’s “been there, done that” school horses. but mostly I need to practice my very rusty (ok, CREAKY!) two point!  Faeryn is VERY athletic and could make a fancy hunter, I think.  I have some simple jump standards – 3 sets I think – and some cavaletti. I need to set them up in the ‘alley’ next to my arena so I can practice at home.


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