The “rack” – or how I am getting my legs longer

One of my main issues – besides the fact that I have horrible “conformation” to be a rider – with ridiculously short arms and legs (28″ inseam!!) is relaxing my leg to make it longer, (well, as long as it physically CAN be!)  and to bring my legs back FROM THE HIP SOCKET. Doing this gives me much more leg ‘real estate’ to actually use on the horse. But it is hard – and sometimes PAINFUL. I get awful thigh cramps at times – always in my right leg. And my legs do not want to stay there. Until, that is, I dropped my stirrups and rode the entire time without them on Fling last night. And wonder of wonders, not only did my legs stay BACK on her with no stirrups, I sat deeper in the saddle. And even more wonderful – when I went to pick up my stirrups at the end, they felt really SHORT.  So I lengthened them a hole and then rode in them and, gee, it was so much easier to keep my legs BACK with a slightly longer stirrup!


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