Super ride on Fling!

Until I get the footing in my arena sorted out, I basically can only ride one horse after work, since I am limited to riding in our ten-acre field, and have no lights. These days I race home and change and head back outside since there’s only about an hour of light once I get home. Last night I was ‘hot’ to ride Fling for the first time since our rides with Debbie over the weekend and of course they chose to be idiots and race around the pasture like a bunch of hooligans! Fling was panting and almost dripping wet by the time they stopped long enough for me to catch her!  I used to love seeing my horses run, but now I am out there screaming WHOA WHOA like a madwoman as all I can think about is the possibility of tendon injuries or even worse!

Needless to say, Fling was already quite ‘warmed up’ when I got on her and we went right to work. One of my main problems on her was that I was looking way too far tot he inside, twisting mybody. Ispent the session trying to stretch myself tall from my ‘collarbones up’ and to keep my eyes UP and look between her ears. Her trot was fabulous and very connected and I did a few medium and extended trots which were super. Very powerful and not just ‘quick’ as sometimes can be the case. The canter is getting better – I had some super moments of really good self-carriage, but I know there’s an even better canter in there. Also worked on half pass – I have been letting her haunches lead in the half pass – it didn’t feel like it to me – but that’s why you need eyes on the ground. When she does a correct half pass with the shoulders clearly leading, to ME it feels like her haunches are really trailing and we’re just sort of trotting across the diagonal. So my task is to re-align my sense of feel to recognize a good half pass from an, excuse me, can’t resist – half-*ss half pass. 😉

I am really hoping I have a few hours to myself — and that it does not rain too much — over the Tgiving weekend to FINALLY get my arena footing straightened out. I “meant” to do it in the evening (under arena lights) every night this week, but I really just HATE working in the dark – I have a real hard time with the time change every year. It puts me in a blue funk since I don’t get nearly enough time in the DAYLIGHT.


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