Faeryn steps up to the plate!

Just by incorporating some of the main things Debbie had me do – stretch up from my collarbones, and stretch down into the stirrups, and keep myself better ‘centered’ in the saddle – Faeryn was noticeably better. Improving my position allows me to keep her more connected – she feels like one supple ‘piece’ from nose to tail – and has much more impulsion. Before,  I tended to look too much to the center – with all of my horses  – which messed up my seat and encouraged them to fall in. Faeryn’s energy level is incredible. It is amazing to think that when I first started her under saddle I wondered where I was going to find the energy and impulsion to ever get her to second level!  Her canter was also much better – I am trying to just SIT at the canter and break my bad habit of ‘pumping.’ 


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