FINALLY back in the saddle…

Still don’t feel great, and the time change has done its usual number on my mood, but at least I am riding. My arena has been unrideable due to rain and the fact that I haven’t had the time or energy to ‘rearrange’ the new sand so that it’s even everywhere. At both ends it is WAY too deep. Need to try and move some sand with the front end loader, which is going to be a slow and tedious job, given my lack of skill with that! So, since I have less than an hour of daylight when I get home, not much riding getting done since I can’t ride in my lighted arena, and my round pen doesn’t have lights yet! Hopefully I can fix the arena in the next few days before it starts raining again! The deep spots are not bad when the arena is dry, but when it’s wet, it’s way more noticeable.

I rode all the horses with Debbie Bowman this weekend. Had two rides with Fling and one each with Faxx and Faeryn. Debbie likes Fling a lot – so much that she told me if she was ever for sale to let her know.  That made me laugh. As if I’d ever sell her!  We worked on our canter and trot half pass. And basic canter work. All showed marked improvement. Now if I can just make the fixes ‘permanent’ so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time!  Faeryn was a little star. She started off good, but she got “wow” by the end. Super, super connected, which enabled me to do really good shoulder-in and lengthenings.  Making my leg just a big longer and sitting up more, especially from my collarbones, has a dramatic effect on the way she goes.  I rode Faxx on Sunday – and realized it was the first time he’s been ridden since the championships!! We worked on shoulder in with him too. It’s time to raise the bar on him – he’s just been ‘skating’ all year! 😉


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