Still sick, and dr. #2 today

I guess you could say I am on ‘stall rest.’  I am coughing like mad and the stuff Doc #1 gave me might as well have been tap water for all the good it did in stopping my cough.  I think I have slept about 4 hours the past two nights combined. I went to work today but didn’t last long before I started having coughing fits, so called my regular doc, who worked me in, and got some “Big Guns” for the cough – ie, cough med with codeine. Plus three other assorted drugs!  She said my lungs sound like crap. Is that an official diagnosis they teach in med school now? Anyway, will take the cough med tonight and hope it works. Jury is out as to whether I will try (again) to go to work tomorrow.

At least it’s not beautiful weather for my ‘stall rest.’  It’s been raining every day. So I’ve been studying the new first level and third level tests. Plus the old first 4 test for the schooling show champs in December.


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