I’m sick – and quick Regionals update

So much for the Zicam. Didn’t keep me from getting progressively sicker as the weekend went on. I felt like I’d been on the showgrounds for a week by the time I actually showed. I got very little sleep Thursday or Friday night due to my rotten cold – despite Nyquil, Zicam, etc. 

Faxx was very nervous – probably picking up on the ‘electric’ atmosphere, and reverted back to where we were last year – reluctant to take contact, behind my leg, etc.  Marie carefully coached me and it took some tactful, quiet riding to get him to about 75% before it was our time to go. Our halts were the first ‘casualties’ of his lack of throughness. I knew it was not a good ride, but you have to ride the horse you have that day.

Faeryn was up 3 hours later, and I was afraid she would be ‘flat’ from standing in a stall for two days before actually showing. Surprisingly, she was a little freight train – completely blowing through my half halts, etc.  I think I was happier to get that than lack of energy! She got better during our warm up, but I had to ‘sit her down’ several times during my last pass around the ring before we went in, just to get her to halfway listen to my half halts!

Other than having to haul on her face to get one downward during the test, it was pretty clean.

Faxx got a 63% and was 11th out of 24, and Faeryn got a 65.6 and was 7th.

When my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. ton Sunday, I just did not have it in me to get on a horse and ride. I scratched both my GAIG championship rides and Mike came out and helped me load my stuff up. I’ve been lying in bed since I got home Sunday. I stayed home from work today and I’m not sure yet if I’ll go in tomorrow. It just depends on how i feel when i get up in the morning.



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