Day One – Championships

I got home around 9. It was  long day even tho it was only half a day! It took me nearly 2 hours to get unloaded and set up Faxx and Faeryn’s stalls, and the tack stall. The place is packed. Faeryn’s eyes were huge as I led her past all the stall curtains and aisle ‘decor’ on her way to her stall. She was a pill to load in the trailer – she did not want to leave her buddies standing by the pasture gate.  Classes in the big ring ended at 5:30, but they had awards presentations in there after that, so it was closer to 6:30 before it was open for schooling. I lunged her briefly – i probably could have skipped that, actually. I took her over to the arena she is showing in Saturday first – that arena was open for schooling. She gawked a little at the judge’s stand and flowers but settled in ok. I am glad my rides in that ring are timed as they are — when I was riding in there the sun was setting and at the judge’s end, when I went around the corner I was literally blinded by the sun, and Faeryn did not want to go forward into that corner. Faxx goes at 4:12 and Faeryn goes at 7, so hopefully we’ll be Ok. By the time I left that arena around 6:30 the sun had set enough that it was no longer an issue.

I was most anxious about getting her into the huge main arena. It helped that there were a fair number of horses schooling in there – it will be a different deal when she has to go in there by herself, out of sight of other horses. Almost as soon as I got in there, they started doing sound check for the musical freestyles. Faeryn hates amplified music – at Tyler this past spring, every time they played music, she would try and bolt, and failing that, she spun in circles. True to form, as soon as the very loud music started, she wanted to bolt. All I could do was pull the rein to my knee and just keep her in a circle and wave people around us!  I think people were pretty impressed that I was talking to them and telling them to go around us as my horse was spinning underneath me. LOL!  I never felt in any danger whatsoever of coming off.  The music stopped quickly and she relaxed, but I knew more music was coming. Fortunately, and pretty miraculously — after the first outburst, she handled it much better, and by the time they were finished with the sound check, Faeryn was ‘ho hum’ about the music!  And the announcing! I was very relieved!  She was pretty lethargic, tho. i think her adrenalin got so amped up for our trailer-loading episode, and then from gawking at everything – once they get over that, they tend to sort of ‘crash.’  I don’t have high hopes of having a lot of horse left by the time she actually shows – but I really needed to get her into the arenas and get comfortable in them. I go back early in the a.m. with Faxx. I am no as worried about him – he’s shown a lot more than Faeryn and has also shown at GSW a number of times, whereas Faeryn has only been there once before.


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