RAIN! And packing for championships…

Of course, it hasn’t rained in a month, and the week before the championships it rains every day. Isn’t that about right??? And my new arena is, unfortunately, not nearly as ‘waterproof’ as my old arena. I knew I would lose some ‘waterproof’ ability since the old one was crowned way too much – and had grass planted on top just to make it firmer when it rained. But did not think it would be that much different. I was wrong. 😦  The base is very soft underneath the sand. Mostly on the sides where we had to add about a foot of new base to bring the sides up. It is still crowned 1 or 2 degrees, and the water has run off of it nicely. I am hoping that the base just needs to settle more, and after a few months of rain/dry cycles, it will get better. The good news is, the rock-based round pen that I put in is fabulous!  Even after the 4 inches of rain or so we had, it is perfectly rideable. Not very exciting to ride around in a 70′ round pen, but I am very grateful to have it! Now I just have to charm Mike into putting lights out there – it’s at the end of my arena and the light from the arena does not reach it, but there’s a tree right next to the roundpen that is a perfect substitute for a light pole! And won’t take much effort to run wire from existing lights to a new fixture attached to the obliging tree!

And to top it all off, I’m coming down with something. I have a scratchy throat and feel blah. Time to start living on Dayquil/Nyquil for the next few days!

I am packing up everything tomorrow a.m. and hauling Faeryn over in the afternoon and will school her in the arenas tomorrow night, then come home and haul Faxx over Friday a.m.  Explain to me again how this is supposed to be ‘fun?’  😉


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