Arena OFFICIALLY done!

Although my arena has been done for a few weeks now, I had one major job yet to do – lay down railroad ties around the entire perimeter to prevent erosion of the base and sand. I had 64 of them delivered two weeks ago, but had to find someone to help place them – and do some digging around the perimeter to get them in place and level. They weigh between 100 and 140 lbs each.

So today we hired some guys and spent the entire day moving and placing the rr ties. Fortunately I could carry two at a time on the front end loader, and that made it easier. But, still, it took from around 8:30 until 4:00 to get it done. I am whipped – I spent most of the day on my feet and did a bit of digging myself. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow and try to post it. This is the third arena I’ve had built, and I finally feel like I have a “professionally” built one.

And, the championships are next week and nobody got ridden today!


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