Faxx goes back to work

Faxx has been off for almost two weeks because he lost a shoe and my shoer has been out of town. Shoer came today, Faxx has new shoes and he went back to work. I ran through most of the work from some of the first level tests. He was a little fussy, but not too bad. As usual, the downwards are our biggest challenge. I have not taken a lesson on him since April! That gets remedied tomorrow.

He has a 69% USDF median at Training Level for the national USDF Amateur awards and is currently in 18th place in the country and in first place in Region 9 – not that that counts for anything. LOL! I was hoping he would end up in the Top 20 in the nation among amateurs – the show year ended last weekend but all the results have not been tabulated yet. He MAY just squeak in under that wire!

I am working on my Regional Championship entries for Faxx and Faeryn (aka Surfer Girl!). Closing date is Oct. 1 and the show is the first weekend in November.

This will be a busy weekend. I am riding Fling in a clinic with Debbie Bowman and taking Faxx to a local schooling show for his First level debut. He’s not really ready – since he’s been off – but the year is coming to a close and I’m running out of opportunities to get some First level show mileage at schooling shows before we hit the recognized shows next year.

I’ve rescheduled my arena renovation for Oct. 4-5. It would be handy to be able to clone myself for those two days since I have to drive the 11-ton compacting roller, direct dump trucks, apply water to the arena during compacting, etc. etc.  Eight-day forecast says our drier, cooler weather should hold for the foreseeable future!

 I will be very glad when the arena is done and I hope all this work will solve my footing problems.

Between condo and arena and all the coordination each has required (and 2x for the arena since it got put off by rain the first try) I am sick to death of “projects!” 


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