A short but sweet ride

I took the day off to take my 18-year-old Featherlite to a big trailer place in Willis (2 hour drive in rush hour traffic). We have no ‘service’ places near me, and I wanted someone to crawl under it and take a good look. I was planning to buy a new 4Star late this year or early next, but after spending so much on the condo, that’s probably not going to happen.  I can feel some ‘give’ in the aluminum planking on the floor, and I took it to an RV place last year and they said it was fine — but it was still bugging me. And if I do end up selling it in the next year, it would bug a buyer too. So they looked at it and said all the supports look great – it’s just some of the welds that attach the planking to the supports had broken.  So, less than $200 for that, which I thought was really reasonable. They also did it while I waited which was nice. Although I had planned to leave it and shop a little at The Woodlands, etc. 

While they worked on my trailer, I sat with a sales guy and we looked at trailers on the lot and different features, and I had him ‘build’ me a trailer on paper. I had a very good idea what I wanted. The total came to about $20K and the trailer is 5 feet longer and 1,400 lbs. heavier than the one I have now. I need to compare the measurements on the ‘blueprint’ he gave me to my current trailer, and also to the space I have to park it – some trimming will need to be done. I really don’t think I need a trailer that’s that much longer than what I have. When I do order one, it will be a two horse straight load with dressing room. It will not have a ‘wedge’ nose – you lose a lot of dressing room space that way. It will be a flat front like I have now. No manger in the horse compartment – breast bars with snap in vinyl ‘feed bag’ things – and full length doors on both sides at the horses’ heads. No manger lets them lower their head and neck during a long trip, which is really good for helping them keep their airways clear. I hate ramps, and I am tired of the back doors that don’t have very big windows, so I am having ‘dutch doors’ put on back. The top half can be closed or open. When they are open, they fold flat against the side of the trailer and are ‘locked’ in place during transit. Years ago I had a Shelby with that type of back door configuration and I thought it was perfect. I don’t know why you don’t see more like that. They make the trailers with ramps like that, but like I said, I hate ramps. I had one before, and never again. Even the salesguy agreed with me. I am so short, I can hardly get enough leverage to get the ramp up off the ground and all I can vision is me squashed flat under the ramp like some sort of Road Runner cartoon. It also won’t have a center post, so I can take out dividers, etc. and use it to haul my riding mower or maybe even Bevo (my Kubota compact tractor) to the ‘vet’. 😉

I did manage to get to the Cheesecake Factory at The Woodlands on the way home for lunch. Not fun negotiating the parking lot towing a trailer – but I was motivated by cheesecake! LOL!

Got home in time to do laundry – and of course it had RAINED AGAIN at home. (where is the really mad face icon????)

I rode Flling in the pasture for just about 30 minutes. She was super. Her canter is getting so much more collected, ‘up’ and she’s in much better self-carriage than she was just a month ago. Tomorrow or Sunday she will get a longer ride and we’ll work on flying changes.

I also rode Faeryn last night and my current mission is to improve her canter. To that end, I am doing a lot of trot/canter transitions. She needs to learn to go more forward into the canter instead of ‘up.’ And she also needs to go more ‘forward’ into the downwards to trot also. She is getting better at carrying herself, but she needs to learn to listen to my half halts prior to her downwards to trot so she maintains that self-carriage. I am going to try and start taking some jumping lessons on her. When I was prepping her for the OldNA Mare Performance Test and doing chute jumping with her, her canter improved a lot. Also, I would LOVE to do some really low level (REALLY LOW) eventing with her. And, I want to get Faxx ready to compete in Hunter Hack at the Arab shows next year. I have not jumped in YEARS and I am much more comfortable getting my ‘jumping legs’ back riding Faeryn than Faxx!

This is my last weekend to finish working on the condo. I worked over there Wednesday night and got a lot done. I just have a bit more touch up painting, need to hang the new miniblinds in the living room (took the old ones down Wed.) and do final cleaning. I hope I just have to spend one day over there.


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