I am a rain magnet

After a long time with little rain (our pond is almost dry!) as soon as I scheduled my major arena renovation (dozer guy/vibrating roller, etc) it has been raining. It literally has rained every day for the past week or so. It rained almost all day Saturday and Sunday — from light drizzle to occasional downpours — and we’ve had showers every day since! I can’t even begin to guess when to try and reschedule the work at this point – since rain is forecast for both days this weekend as well! Of course, when it rained LAST weekend – no one even had forecast rain!

Our dressage demonstration Tuesday went fine – small attendance – but I found out the junior college charges $40 for the ‘course’ and it comes with college credit. Fling is a professor! LOL!  She was quite tense for the whole thing – which is unlike her. It was sort of a karmaic (I made that word up!) experience,since it was held at the farm that was once owned by my very first dressage instructor. I had ridden Fling’s mother, Sonnys Mona Lisa+/, in that very same arena many, many times. I am not used to talking a lot, and between my presentation at work earlier in the day, and talking for 1.5 hours almost nonstop that evening, I was hoarse. There are people who would say I am always ‘horse.’ 😉  Anyway, it was a good thing no one at the demonstration knew anything about dressage, so they could not see how tight and tense she was. 😉 

I was beat when we got home and I think Fling was just confused by the whole thing. She had no way to ‘classify’ it in her experience – it was not a show – we didn’t ride a test, and where was the judge? And it was not a clinic – where was that person standing in the arena talking to her human? It takes a lot to puzzle Fling, as she is quite the clever girl. 😉

I went to the condo after work last night and didn’t get home until nearly 8. I will need to spend Saturday over there finishing up. New tenant moves in Oct. 1 and I got the first month’s rent check yesterday in the mail! Now, hopefully, life will get back to ‘normal’ and the horses will go back to working ‘full time’ instead of ‘part time.’ 

Entries to our Regional Championships are due by Oct. 1 and I need to get that together and make a final decision as to whether I want to take just Faxx, or Faeryn, too. At this point there are only 15 horse/rider combos qualified in Training Level Amateur GAIC champs in our Region, and I am two of those combos!  It will cost me $1,000+ to take them both by the time I pay entries and braiding.



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