Fling is a dressage poster child

Months ago I got roped into doing a dressage demonstration as part of our local community college’s series of equine ‘short courses.’  It’s tonight, and of course it’s been raining for days. I rode Fling last night and ran through some of the movements I’ll demonstrate tonight.

Ideally I would speak a little, explain some movements, and then demonstrate them. But I don’t want to spend 15 minutes warming her up while my ‘audience’ twiddles their thumbs. Or try to rush her into doing some of the moves before she’s properly warmed up. So I am going to get there early and have her ready to go when it starts, run through some things, talk a little, then untack her and Mike will stick her in a stall until we’re done.

I am a bit worried about the footing – this is being held at a reining barn, and they are notorious for liking really deep footing. I definitely am not going to risk her soundness by doing much if the footing is too deep.

She worked well last night – her basic paces are much more animated and I can ask for more suspension/activity with just my seat.We had some good flying changes, too.

As fate would have it, I also had to give a presentation at work this morning for our entire sales division, CEO, etc – about 100 people all total. What are the odds? I’ve just been calling this ‘hell day’ and will be glad when tomorrow comes. 😉  Public speaking is not my idea of fun. 😉


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