MORE Rain – and Faeryn’s schooling show

I wasn’t the only one to get unexpected rain this weekend – the farm where Faeryn was going to a schooling show today got rain, too, and it was late last night before I knew whether it was a ‘go’ or not. When I left the house this a.m. at 7:45, it was sprinkling. No rain at the show – good thing! Faeryn has gotten really bad on the ground – very bargy and totally disrespectful. She has taken to turning her head/body enough to use it as leverage to get away from me. She did it TWICE while trying to load her this a.m. From here on out, until she’s learned her lesson, she’s getting led with a chain over her nose and me holding a whip! It’s so odd, since she’s really good and obedient under saddle.

She was looky at this totally new place. It was good that because of the rain, they rearranged the ride schedule (there were scratches) so that they had a break where you could go in the covered arena for brief schooling. It gave us a chance to look at it, AND gave me a chance to canter her, since there wasn’t much good ground to canter on outside the covered arena.

She had two clean rides – no major mistakes – but her canter was not nearly as good as it is at home. Nor were her leg yields – well, her LY to the right was pretty good, but not to the left. I did not have much time to practice it on the showgrounds before we showed.

We were both huffing and puffing after First 2 – it’s pretty long! This tells me I need to really work on her fitness level more. Granted, the last month she has not gotten ridden as much as usual due to my almost constant painting/working at the condo. She also needs to get more balanced at the canter and be able to maintain that balance at the canter for longer periods of time. The canter ‘tour’ in First 4 is grueling. And that is the test she will have to show to qualify for championships next year, and for showing at the schooling show championships this winter (December 11-12) AND for the USDF Champs next fall. I foresee long gallops in the pasture in our future!

This was a very high scoring judge – we got a 72 and a 73 for a first and a second. We were the only amateur in the class where we got first (although she scored higher than the jr rider who was in a different class) and second place in a class of about four, I think. The person who beat me had an incredible 76 – but, it is a high scoring judge AND, she’s also been showing second level for the past year with that horse.

For some reason, Faeryn is a magnet to young girls at shows. I always have a gaggle of them as her ‘fan club’ and they come up to her and pet her and tell me how pretty she is. She had groupies at this show too. I don’t think it has anything to do with her dressage skills – maybe it’s the pink browband? That, and I think Faeryn just looks ‘girly.’  No mistaking her for a gelding!

It didn’t rain at all at the show but it was muggy and steamy. It rained on me almost all the way home – pouring at some spots – and it appears it’s been raining all day at our place.

No arena renovation next week – if I had any hopes it might dry up enough after yesterday’s rain showers, that’s gone now. No way we’ll dry up enough by Thursday to have dump trucks driving through my pasture. Oh goody. I get to try and reschedule everything.


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