Another good lesson – and RAIN!

It was not supposed to rain today. It was not really supposed to rain all next week. I have dozer guy, compacting roller, water trailer, etc. etc. scheduled for next Thursday/Friday for my arena renovation. Not looking like it’s going to happen. I do not look forward to trying to coordinate it all for another date!

The rain has also put a crimp in the schooling show plans tomorrow – it’s still happening, but the footing may be a bit iffy – and parking may be even iffier. But I am still going. Faeryn did really good work in our lesson today – gaits are getting much ‘fancier’ – mainly because I am not just accepting whatever she gives me, but asking for more activity and more suspension – and I’m getting it.

And in maybe the best news of the week – the condo is rented. First person to look at it – and moving in Oct. 1. I still have about another full day’s work over there – but it will have to wait until next weekend.


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