Hopefully life getting back to ‘normal’

I rode two horses Wednesday night. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve been able to do that – first it was too hot and since I couldn’t start early, didnt’ have time to ride two before dinner – and then when it got cooler I was either working at the condo after work for awhile, or having to go to Home Depot/Sherwin Williams/Lowes for the umpteenth time to buy or return SOMETHING.
I rode Faxx and Fling. Faxx was sort of like “What – you mean I still have to work for a living???” – It’s been so long since he got ridden. After his initial “I don’t want to go down to that scary end of the arena” (which really meant “I do not want to go away from my friends who are standing at the end of the arena!) he was good and SO easy to sit the trot! Yeah!
And then I rode Fling, who always likes to be ridden. And had nice schooling canter pirouettes AND a PERFECT (the only one I asked for) flying change – calm, quiet, straight – one of those where you go “um, did she really change?” because it is such a non-event. Wheee!  And now hope I can get back to regular lessons.  I have one Sunday. I had one Sat. too but cancelled because I am DETERMINED to finish the condo this weekend – if not completely finished …so finished that it would “look” finished to the casual observer, even tho there are small things I would still like to do.

And even though I am VERY tired of playing general contractor – I am slated to start on my arena demolition/rebuilding Sept. 22-23. I was going to do it next week but a) it rained and I am not sure the pasture will be dry enough for the trucks to drive through and b) the condo took longer to complete than expected and with working and riding, I really can’t handle more than one ‘other’ big project at a time.

The arena re-do requires coordinating with three different materials yards for three different materials — fill, calcium sulfate for base (a cheaper alternative to limestone – almost half the cost) and coarse ‘river sand’ for the footing. And then I also have to coordinate rental of a water wagon, since the calcium sulfate requires watering to work and pack and ‘set’ AND a 30,000-lb. vibrating roller to compact the fill and the calcium sulfate. I am tired already just thinking about it. It’s times like these I wish I were one of the ‘ladies who lunch’ and could just ‘call someone’ and poof — have a finished arena in a few days.

Oh, and I am so sore I can barely move today. I had to seal the grout on the tile in the condo last night, which meant a few hours crawling around on my hands and knees. And when I got home I rode Faeryn, who did one of her patented spin and bolt moves. I came within a hair of getting dumped – I really thought there was no way I was going to recover – and then, suddenly, I was securely back in the saddle. I think she slammed on the brakes just in time to send me flying backwards INTO the saddle. But the “whiplash’ effect was quite apparent by the middle of the night – when it hurt just to roll over!


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