Super ride on Fling – and ‘cooler’ weather!

I was shocked when I heard the weatherperson say it was 99 yesterday – sure did not feel like it. In fact, it felt downright pleasant, since the humidity was definitely a lot lower.

I rode Fling and she was super. Still riding for a very short time, and not working her really hard. But her trot half passes are much improved. I did a bit of canter last night and she felt very balanced and in self-carriage, so I did a few large schooling canter pirouettes. Wow. That is definitely going to be Fling’s forte. She has a very powerful hind end – the best of all my Frohwind offspring – and therefore it is comparatively easy for her to carry weight on her hind. I know the circle is still too large, but it felt super balanced and very controlled.

The drier weather is holding for the next few days so hopefully I can get back to riding two a day, even if just for the next few days. This weekend will be spent mostly painting at my Med Center condo, getting it ready to re-lease. It is undergoing a huge remodel. I am putting in new interior doors (7 – which I have had to paint, 2 coats on each side of each door), and new porcelain tile flooring.  I had the oh-so-70s popcorn ceiling removed, I primed and painted all the ceilings, am having wide baseboard molding put in throughout (which I also have to paint!), new light fixtures throughout and I am painting every square inch – walls, ceiling, closets, trim around doors, pantry shelves, built-in bookshelves, linen closet shelves and kitchen cabinets. It’s a big job, but will make the place almost like new. I bought it right out of college, lived there for four years and it’s been a rental ever since. I completely redid the bathroom about 5 years ago and did a partial kitchen remodel with new sink/faucet/countertops and tile floor about 5 years ago. I grumble about the work, but I do enjoy remodeling projects – plus my tenant lived there 6 1/2 years, so in the grand scheme of things, I haven’t had to spent a lot of time on it.

I am taking time out to get a lesson this weekend, tho. If the cooler weather holds, I might take Fling!


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