MAYBE everyone is sound..

I rode Fling last night. First I just decided to walk her around the pasture. “Walk” being a relative thing, as it took about 1 half-halt per second to keep Fling at a walk. Plus a few full halts and a few full halt and back-ups. Finally after about ten minutes I had convinced her that, yes, she actually WAS going to WALK and that TROT was not required at the moment. She felt good, running through a bunch of lateral work. Finally I decided to do a short little ‘experimental’ trot on the softest ground I could find. Felt OK. So I did a bit more and she seemed fine. Probably did about 5 minutes of trot all totaled. Then we did more walk – harder stuff like turn on haunches and schooling walk pirouettes. And not wanting to push my luck, I headed to the barn, and fortunately caught sight of Faxx trotting a few steps – he looks sound. I’ll do a more thorough test tonight.

For now, Fling remains in the round pen/arena until Jerry comes next week. Her front feet are out of whack since ‘substitute shoer’ did one and Jerry did the other. They do not match at all. And I don’t want to do anything strenuous with her until they match. and she has pads. And I am sure she is completely 100%.

I have my barn help raking up rocks around the barn and pasture gates today. I had crushed concrete spread around there probably 5 years ago and larger rocks keep working to the surface. From now on we will go on periodic ‘rock patrol’ to try and remove any and all rocks that have Faxx, Fling or Faeryn’s ‘name’ on them!


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