Three horses and two ‘flat tires’

Fling is still on and off again not quite right. Sometimes I think I am being paranoid and imagining she is not quite right. I swear if you stare at any horse long enough, it will look wonky.  She is locked i nthe arena where the ground is soft until our REGULAR shoer comes in two weeks – at which time I’ll have pads put on her. I really think her on again/off again ouchiness is still related to deep bruising in her foot due to the *&^% shoer who cut her too short. She’s now been mostly out of commission for a month. Two steps forward, one step back.

And Faxx is now lame, too, coincidentally on the same foot as Fling. He lost a shoe last week (more super shoeing by the *&^% shoer) and I had our regular guy come and pull his other shoe and trim him since I did not want to get him off schedule with everyone else. Two days later, he was sound when I saw him motoring around the pasture and then an hour later when I saw him he was lame. I suspect it is a stone bruise since I am sure he is a bit tenderfooted being barefoot for the first time in a year.

And so that leaves Faeryn as the ‘last man standing.’  Her right lead canter has gotten wonky again and I am frustrated with trying to diagnose the problem. time to call in the experts. When Marie gets back from Germany Faeryn will go for a lesson and hopefully we’ll get it sorted out.

It’s too hot to ride until around 7, so they’re all getting short shrift anyway. I certainly don’t hear anyone complaining about not getting ridden enough – except maybe Fling. I think she DOES miss the work. Tomorrow I will ride her at a walk and do a ‘test trot’ and see how she feels.


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