Faxx’s vacation is over – and Fling is a little better

I think it’s rained every day this week, but so far not enough to curtail riding. Faxx was overdue to be ridden – he’s been on ‘vacation’ since we got back from the Regional Championships.

I wasted no time – today we started schooling first/second in earnest. We did leg yields, some ‘baby’ shoulder-in, some ‘back and forth’ at trot and canter and did a few ‘attempts’ at a canter/walk transition. He is a ways from being able to do a proper one – but he is coming down and remaining ‘through’ and connected and just takes two or three steps of trot before the walk. As he gets stronger the number of walk steps will decrease – but the main thing is to keep him connected and through.  I also tried to sit the trot more than usual, in preparation for showing him first level at some schooling shows this fall. The new dressage tests come out this fall and are effective Dec. 1 and posting the trot will be allowed in the new tests. However, I need to be able to sit his trot reliably – but being able to post a few strides here or there to rebalance him will be helpful. Other changes in store in the new tests include 3 tests at each level instead of 4 at Training-Second, and every test will be 6 minutes long. Currently First 4 is the longest National (Training-Fourth) test, at 6:30. i am hoping they will get rid of some of the canter work – it’s ridiculous — you do 15m canter circles each direction, you do a shallow canter loop each direction and you canter across each diagonal – doing a change through trot one direction and then finally trot at X the final direction in canter. First 4 goes on FOREVER.

I lunged Fling briefly last night and this evening to gauge her soundness – she was a bit sounder last night and even sounder still tonight. Instead of an abscess, I think I just rode her a bit too hard before her bruised foot had totally healed – and perhaps re-bruised it. I think I may be able to ride her tomorrow, but the next time i do ride her (Faeryn will most likely be my ‘victim’ tomorrow) I will do a light ride with no canter work.



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