Fling is lame – again!

My vet warned me this would probably happen – that Fling would have abscesses as a result of her sole bruising from the *&(% pinch-hit shoer who trimmed her too short when my regular farrier ‘forgot’ and was in Oklahoma.

I rode her Sunday and was having a great ride – super good trot work and good canter work. I’d ridden her almost 45 minutes when she felt ‘funny’ at the canter.I was about done anyway, so walked her back to the barn, untacked her and put her in the round pen to watch her. Only took about three strides to see she was clearly lame on the left front. She did not have a detectible digital pulse on either foot. Now this is the weird thing. I KNOW she was not lame during most of our ride. I can only speculate that possibly getting her circulation up and getting her warm got her blood pumping – and magnified the pressure in her foot from a probably-brewing abscess. She had no sign of any sort of soft tissue injury. I had Mike turn her out today and I’ll see how she is this evening. The good thing about abscesses is that they will ‘self-regulate’ their exercise according to their pain level, and walking around (or even galloping) on an abscess will not cause more damage – unlilke a soft tissue injury. If she is still off this evening I will start poulticing her to encourage whatever is brewing to come to a head.

Faxx had a ‘cow pattie’ moment after he came in from the pasture for dinner and I got all worried he was going to colic or something – so I even set my alarm and got up at 2 a.m. to check on him. Scared me at first because he was lying down – but fortunately he had several perfectly normal poop piles in his stall – he probably just ate a weed that disagreed with him.

It’s always something. Our local SPCA has taken in 100 neglected miniature horses – a friend asked me if I was interested in adopting one. Heck no, I replied. I have enough work taking care of the horses I can actually RIDE!


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