Fling goes back to work

It’s been a weird week, with rain almost every day. While I was tacking Fling up, we got another shower that made me curse, but fortunately it stopped quickly, and instead of making sauna-like conditions like it usually does here, it got pleasantly cooler. And – the mosquitoes are all but gone. Now if that stuff that’s circulating in the Gulf would just go away and go somewhere else. We’ve had more than our share of rain this month!

It’s been probably two weeks since Fling has been ridden at more than a walk due to her shoeing mishap.So, I really did not plan to have a ‘serious’ ride tonight but she felt GREAT. From the get-go, her canter was up, and collected and she was listening to my seat aids and my half halts. So, for the first time in probably two months, I rode through some of the canter work from third level. I am still not quite happy with the half pass to the right, BUT I did flying changes from the half pass in both directions AND across the short diagonal in both directions and got ALL of them CLEAN. Amazing! I asked for four changes and got four clean changes!  She felt super and I quit right after the last clean change and gave her a good bath! I got as wet as she did, but that was ok, it was so hot.



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