Life returns to ‘normal’ – whatever that is

I really did mean to ride Monday, but just could not find the motivation, mainly due to the heat and mosquitoes. And with rain on Monday, and more rain predicted during the week, it doesn’t look like the mosquitoes are going to get better anytime soon.

But, fortunately, the heat and the skeeters abated a bit yesterday and I actually rode Faeryn for the first time in – well, I don’t know how long it’s been. One of the best things about Faeryn is that you can go a week or ten days without riding her, and pretty much pick up right where you left off. But now is the time to get serious with her training, regardless of heat and skeeters. Her lateral work is good and she is learning to canter from walk. but I need to raise the bar if I want to show her second level at schooling shows next year. She needs to be stronger in her hind end – she has the ‘weakest’ hind end construction of the three, but I know that can improve a lot with good work. I am thinking of taking her to Cathy Strobel (the hunter trainer who helped me prep her for the Oldenburg Mare Performance Test) and taking some regular over-fences lessons with her. That really helps her canter work.  Her canter can feel wonderful – or like cr*p. The most common reason for it to feel awful and hard to ride is when she does not have enough bend, and does not step through with her inside hind. Of course that is MY responsibility. 😉  The next area we need to really work on is her ‘adjustability’ in all gaits — ie she needs to be able to lengthen and shorten like an accordian. She is getting there with the trot, but the canter needs a lot of work. I think I am going to show her one more time at training level to try and get a better median. Her first two scores at her first recognized score were very low – and I would like a chance to drop one of those. I think I will take her to one day of the HDS Labor Day show.

Fling gets her left shoe put back on today and hopefully she’ll be back in full work tomorrow. Her back leg is a bit swollen below the cut/puncture, but there is no heat and the wound itself has healed nicely with no drainage, etc.

Faxx is still on ‘R and R’ and probably won’t get ridden untilt he weekend.


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