A not so excellent day

My ex-husband’s mother had a saying that is very appropos to today: “Some days chicken, some days feathers.”

Today was definitely not a ‘chicken’ day, but not quite a ‘feather’s day either. I guess most people would be very happy to place in the Top 5 of 17 horses in a regional championship. But Faxx has been working so very well and scoring so well this year, he really should have done better.

He warmed up well, even given the chaotic nature of the warm up here. No more near wrecks or fear issues. Just my good, steady boy. But when we hit the air conditioned arena for our actual test, I think the cool air got him revved up because suddenly he was a freight train – wanting to go too fast, not listening to my leg, etc.  He even missed a canter lead, which just never happens. And jigged at the free walk, which also never happens. One of the judge’s comments was “rider micromanaging horse.”  You bet, because the rider knew the horse had visions of making the dressage test a speed event! 

Our score was a 62.5 and before today, the lowest score he’s gotten all YEAR is a 66.

But, you learn more from your failures than from your successes. If he does this tomorrow when we go in the ring, instead of just riding him around the perimeter of the ring for our warm up and hoping for the best, I will make him do leg yields, 10 meter circles, etc. to get him more on my aids and listening to me and BENDING.

The best news for the day is that Fling seems to be sound at the trot — at least she seemed that way in the 15 steps or so I ‘test trotted’ her under saddle today during our daily ‘walk under saddle.’  We did leg yield, shoulder in, half pass, etc. for about half an hour. She continues to be very cheerful in her stall since she has a great view of all sorts of activity. that’s pretty amazing considering she also spent 4 days standing in a stall before we came here!  I also unwrapped her back leg with the puncture wound and it looks super and left it off, since when Dr. K saw it on Monday he said give it 5 more days and if it looked good I could quit wrapping it. So for now her foot is still wrapped and now I need to see what Dr. K says about putting a shoe back on her — but by my REGULAR shoer and not the guy who caused he trouble in the first place!!

And one good thing to come out of us – I have been thinking about taking Faxx AND Faeryn to the USDF Championships in November at the Great SW in Katy. they are both qualified, and I would only have one ride on each of them two days in a row. After THIS, I know that will be a piece of CAKE! 


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