A most excellent day!

After our disturbing experience last night, I was pretty nervous about our group classes today. To complicate factors, the large warm up arena that was open to us last  year has corrals in it in preparation for another event this weekend, and the only warm up area close to the competition arena consists of two small rings directly behind the show arena, and each ring has large concrete posts at regular intervals! Each area is probably 50×100. My main goal in the warm up was to keep Faxx from getting scared by horses coming toward him – especially at the canter. Easier said than done, as eveyrone was going around every which direction – and since people were lunging their horses in one of the warm up arenas, about 10 horses were sharing the 50×100 area. Faxx was very good and immediately took steady contact. I did not do as much canter as I wanted, but I decided Job One was to keep him out of ‘trouble.’

The spotted horse that was the source of our problems last night was one of the horses being lunged, and, in fact, was lunged until probably 2 minutes before the class started! Faxx did not seem to be unduly concerned by him today, I was relieved to see. Nonetheless, when we entered the class, I made sure we were as far away from that horse as possible.Not only because of the possible fear issue, but also because that horse seemed to be misbehaving and I did not want to get caught up in that! 

He had a very steady ride and I was very proud of with him. I was even happier when they announced he’d won his class! That was the Sport Horse Under Saddle Championship Open class. The program said there were 8 horses in the class, but there actually were 10, so they must have had some post entries. Immediately after the class they had the presentation of ribbons, the victory lap and photographs.  We had a 15 minute break, and then had the Sport Horse Under Saddle, Amateur to Ride Championship class. Again, he had a really good go. And, again, we were named the winner!

So, Faxx has won three of his four classes! Tomorrow we have the Training Level AOTR Championship and Sunday we have the Training Level Amateur to Ride Championshp and the Half Arabian Training Level Dressage Open Championship.

Faxx is not the only one who has been on their best behavior. Fliing has been very, very good. Calm when I take her out for walks, happy and interested in all the activity going on around her. I took her out today and rode her at a walk for half an hour around the show grounds. I’ll do the same thing tomorrow. She is sound at the walk and I trotted about two steps just to assess her condition and she SEEMED sound. but since she is barefoot on that foot, and had her foot wrapped, didn’t want to chance any more than that. She had bute this a.m., but I did not give her any this evening, so I will see how she looks tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the last day her puncture wound has to be wrapped, so that is good news, too!

It seems cooler this year than last year, too. Even tho we are under a ‘heat advisory’ until Sunday, it still isn’t as hot as it was last year. Plus, our stalls are closer to the huge overhead fans, and near a large roll up door, and that makes a big difference. We are going to request the same stalls next year! Every one is quite bemused by Faxx’s double stall. It is quite palacial, and he is MUCH happier than he was last year. Last year he just moped and slept and was not curious and alert. He is a happy camper – very interested in what’s going on around him and cheerful. Well worth the extra $ for an extra stall. I jokingly refer to it as his ‘double wide.’ 😉

 I am very happy we are at the ‘halfway’ mark.  This is a lot of work, but today was the easiest day. Since I actually showed Faxx under saddle today I didn’t have to get him out for a special outing to ride, and I actually got back to the hotel by 8:30 tonight!! It seems that most of my time is spent hauling water!  Since this is a multi-use facility, there are not many water faucets – pretty much only at the wash racks. Each horse has two water buckets and it seems they take three drinks out of them, then dump hay in them and refuse to drink any more! LOL!  As I say, ‘feed and water the front and remove what comes out of the back!”


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