Waco – Thursday night

I didn’t get on Faxx today until after nine p.m.! I decided to eat EARLY tonight so I would not be eating a 9:30 p.m. tonight! I also had to rebandage both of Fling’s legs, and hand walk her. And they had carriage driving in the main arena at 7, so also had to wait for that to end.

I lunged Faxx a bit and he was a bit fussy, but got on him in the big ring and he was tiptoeing around with his back up and even tho I carefully walked him around in a few circles, he was acting very odd and like he wanted to buck. He can be cold backed and he had stood in a stall most of the day. Then a horse backed into him and there was a bit of a scuffle, and afterwards Faxx was limping! I was thinking ‘oh *&^$*.”   I got off of him, took him out of the ring and lunged him to look at him and he was sound…but he was WILD. Like something was really bothering him. I stopped and adjusted the saddle – maybe it was a tad too far back. And then I lunged him some more. He was still acting odd, so I took him back into the main ring (where the other horses were) and lunged him and he was much quieter. So I lunged him for a bit and then got on him, and he was good. He had a good strong trot, taking very steady contact. There were about 4 other people in the ring and they were changing directions willy nilly and at one point a gal on a half Arab Appaloosa was cantering toward Faxx and he just FREAKED. We were cantering, but he slammed on the brakes, spun around and started bucking. Fortunately it was not bad bucking – mostly stiff-legged boing boinging. I leaned back and finally hauled his head up and stopped him. Scared the &*^ out of me, but I never felt I was in danger of getting launched. He could have been much naughtier. I think he was really just scared. From that point on, he was very scared of that horse — and guess what — they are in our class tomomrrow. Oh joy. The good thing, tho,is that we will all be going the same direction always, and since there are only 8 horses, it will be easy to space out.  But not exactly the start I wanted for the under-saddle portion of our show!!  Where did my laid back steady eddy horse go? Tomorrow is another day and I will lunge him ‘properly’ tomorrow before our class and avoid the evil spotted one at all costs!

Fling also managed to step on me today, just clipping my little toe. It kept hurting,and when I finally looked at it it was black and blue! I hope I can get my show boots on tomorrow without them killing me!


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