Fling is better!

Relief – Fling came out of the stall pretty sound at the walk this evening. Her last dose of Bute had been at 5 a.m., so had mostly worn off by that time, so this is very good news. She’d also ‘walked out’ of the bandage of cotton, vet wrap and duct tape i had put on her. I left the Davis boot off of her today because I think it’s been rubbing the bulb of her heel too much. It is a much more pleasant prospect to take Fling along to the show when I can ride her around the showgrounds – even if just at the walk – rather than have to hand walk her. She needs to be ‘mentally busy’ or she will be a PITA!

I spent all evening finishing packing – I didn’t even have time to ride Faxx. He’s had two days off – but I will have two days to ride him on the show grounds befoe we show under saddle. I am hoping to get out of here by 6:30 a.m. to miss the worst traffic, and heat, but am not going to ‘kill myself’ meeting a ‘deadline.’  It will take me about 4 hours to get there.  Faxx’s first class is an in-hand class Thursday afternoon.

It is 97 in Waco, but that’s better than the 104 it was almost every day at last year’s show!!


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