Vet visit #4

I think I have set some sort of record with 4 different vets in less than a week.

Today’s visit was to my regular vet, who I could not get into last week because he is off on Thursday and was booked solid on Friday.

Fling was 3-legged lame this a.m., but not  hopping. But when I led her out to the trailer to take her to my vet, she was much sounder – approaching completely sound but with an ‘ouchy’ step about every third stride.

He examined her thoroughly and the good news is she has no digital pulse in either foot. He probed her foot, used hoof testers and does not think it is an abscess. Given the timing of the shoeing and her sudden and dramatic lameness, he thinks she was, indeed, cut too short, and her sole has a lot of bruising. He says I will probably see abscesses in the next few weeks as the blood from the bruising works its way through the hoof. He also looked at the wound on her rear leg and it still looks super – no drainage, no redness – just a tiny pink line.  He pronounced her good to go to Waco.

However, this evening when I led her out of her stall to give her an hour of grazing time in the round pen, she was markedly lamer. I think the bute she’s been getting a.m. and p.m. is making the difference. She was so lame a few days ago that it did not do much good – but now it is making a bigger difference. I think when I loaded her in the trailer to go to the vet, the bute she got in the a.m. had kicked in – and by the time I put her in the round pen this evening, her a.m. dose had worn off for the most part.  Hopefully she will get better each day and by the time we leave Wed. a.m. she will be almost sound.

And now I have a lot of packing to do. Just could not get up the ‘umph’ to do it over the weekend, I was so worried about her.


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