Fling is no better

She is still essentially non-weight bearing on her left front and I am very concerned that a) she may actually be foundering in that foot – the symptoms of founder and an abscess are essentially the same except with founder they rarely start out that lame and b) if she is NOT foundering, I am concerned she WILL founder in the other foot since she is carrying almost all her weight on it.

I am going to call my regular vet in the morning and hope I can get her in for more x-rays. As lame as she is, and has been, if it is founder, her coffin bone has already rotated and that will show up on x-rays. She also still could have fractured her coffin bone – it takes about a week to ten days for fractures to show up on x-rays. I think that is unlikely, tho, because she was SOUND at the walk when she went into her stall Wednesday night and 3-legged lame when she came out of her Thursday a.m.  If her x-rays look good at least I will know we’re most likely still dealing with an abscess. The only bit of good news is that her puncture wound on her back leg looked very good when I changed the bandage today – just looks llike a cut, with no drainage, and is closed up nicely. She has some swelling in the leg, but that is common with cuts low down on the leg. I hydroed her for about 15 minutes between bandage changes.

So, my plans for Regionals are completely in limbo right now. IF I can determine with certainty that we’re dealing with an abscess (or if it bursts between now and Wednesday a.m.) I will go, and I will take her.  Fortunately, the in-hand classes are the first day at Regionals and I care the least about those. Sporthorse Under Saddle is Friday, I have one dressage class on Sat. and two on Sunday. It is conceivable I might only make the Sunday classes. But not knowing what is wrong with Fling is driving me nuts. I have lost three horses to founder – one being her mother, almost two years ago.

 Fling is not a horse who would be happy without a job.


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