It’s official – Faxx was Champion

I got TWO very fancy neck ribbons in the mail today – Champion and Reserve Champion!  Seems he had the highest amateur score AND the second highest score for the Sunday show.  Too bad they didn’t give prize money for reserve champion as well! 😉

Tonight I took it ‘easy’ and only rode one horse. Plus the guy who is building the framework for my arena mirrors came by to look at the site and discuss and that took awhile. I rode Faeryn lightly and then did some tractor work. Still hacking away (quite literally!) at my mini ‘thicket’ at the back of our pasture. It’s almost an archeological dig – I’ve found some lumber that looks like the remains of some very old small building, and some almost completely rusted through pipe that looks like it was a corner post for some long-gone fencing. The next step will be to get in there with a chain saw and ‘slash’ some of the tallow (aka Chinaberry) trees, then paint them with GrazOn to kill them.  But there is one heck of a mess of tangled underbrush, downed branches, etc. that needs to be removed from the area before I can really get in there and do much more.


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