A first for Faeryn

I often ride Fling in the pasture, but I haven’t done so with either Faxx or Faeryn because I don’t quite think they would be as ‘ho hum’ as Fling is when the other horses come galloping across the pasture.

But tonight I let them all into the arena, which has lush grass right now. I took Faeryn and we made our maiden voyage around the ten-acre field. She was completely blase about the entire thing  — until a loose dog startled her and sent her off on the granddaddy of all bolting episodes. Before I got her turned, I really thought she might go through the fence. I was also quite proud of myself for not getting dumped! But I can’ really blame her for that. Afterward she settled down and went right back to work. Her leg yields have gotten quite good, but her right canter feels funky. I need to work on figuring that out. I also worked on small ‘forward and back’ at the canter. I really like riding in the field and do it most of the time with Fling. In fact, I rode her after I rode Faeryn tonight. She worked well, but she is still having a small coughing ‘fit’ about five minutes into each ride. She coughs four or five times, then snorts, and is fine for the rest of the ride.

Faxx is still on “R and R” and will go back to work this weekend.



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