Finally riding again!

I rode Faxx last night and he only coughed once. He worked well – I only rode him for about 20 minutes. I rode Fling this evening and she coughed twice at the beginning, but did not cough again during our ‘easy’ 20-minute ride, including a tiny bit of canter. Faeryn and Fling are still getting Tri-Hist, Fling got one more dose of Tucoprim this evening since she started getting it later than the others since she got sick a few days behind them.

  I will ride him tomorrow, and will have a short lesson on him with Marta on the show grounds on Saturday afternoon.

I will not be able to ride Faeryn or Fling this weekend, due to the show, but look forward to my ‘riding life’ getting back to normal next week!  I’ve been “off” for two weeks!! I can’t remember the last time I went this long without riding!


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