Still coughing…

Rode Faxx lightly Monday evening – just enough to find out that although he is not coughing just standing around, he does still have an ‘exercise induced’ cough. My good vet is back so I called him yesterday and asked what to do for cough. So I sent Mike over to pick up the tri-hist he prescribed, and tonight they will all get a dose of Dex.

Last night I had a ‘test ride’ on Faeryn and she started coughing sooner than Faxx did.  I doubt any of them are contagious at this point – Faxx is 9 days from first symptoms, Fling is probably 6 days from first symptoms. She definitely still feels the worst and for that reason, no point in even trying to sit on her yet.

Faxx is entered inthe HDS show for Sunday and I’m really hoping we can go since Faeryn won’t be available to sub for him since she’s behind him in the coughing curve.

Today I need to call USEF and see what the rules are for Tri-hist (an antihistimine) and dex ( a steroid.) I am sure the Dex is a no no, but not sur about the Tri HIst and need to see the withdrawal period for both.

Vet is sure they just have lingering airway irritation. I know when I gt something like this, it takes me a month to completely stop coughing when I get hot from exercise.


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