‘Snot fun…and a girl and her tractor….

I had to go by the vet and get more Tucoprim since all three are sick, and they need to be on it for about 5 days. The most ‘fun’ part is cleaning their noses – very gross since they are so snotty, invariably everything sticks to their noses – and then dries. All three have alfalfa-encrusted schnozzes every morning. So my morning ritual is to clean their noses with a wet washcloth. They don’t like it any better than I do! But, all part of being a ‘mom.’ Except they can’t “blow” when you tell them to!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel – I think Faeryn is about over it, even tho she was second in line to catch it. I will try a light ride on her tomorrow and see if she coughs. Fling is the worst — to be expected since she caught it last.

I have guys re-fencing all the small sections of fence with gates around our barn  – it looks quite naked with NO fences around the barn.I am also PARNOID about them getting out somehow.  Mike is gone to a ride with his two horses, so the back paddock is empty – perfect timing since that’s where “the Fs” (as Mike calls my herd, collectively) had to spend the day, since it was the only escape-proof turnout area due to construction. I was very nervous leading them in and out of the barn – because if they got loose – they could (and probably would!) be GONE. Tomorrow the guys should be finished completely – even if they are not, the pasture gate and fence will be finished, since they started on that first. I had them install the NEATEST latches – no more stupid heavy chains to wrangle! These are called Sure Latch and they are a two part latch – one part bolts to the pipe gate, the other half is bolted to the post. It keeps the gate ‘up’ and doesn’t let it drag the ground, and it’s completely one hand operation — there are two ‘levers’ on top and you lift one to open the gate inward, and the other to open the gate outward. I saw them at a friend’s and asked her where she got them – I had nver seen them before. I am an enthusiastic convert – they were about $20 each, but I bought one for each gate. 

And, I have decided that every woman should have a tractor! It’s an incredible feeling of empowerment not to have to NAG your less-than-enthusiastic-farm-owning-husband to do stuff. I’ve knocked down about 5 huge dead trees left over from Ike, and pushed them — whole! – to the burn pile. I’ve also pushed already-downed trees to the burn pile — ones that Mike had not ‘gotten around’ to moving to the burn pile.(Reminder – Ike was almost TWO years ago.)  And I am working on clearing out a ‘thicket-like’ area that has been allowed to get overgrown. It’s probably an acre or more.  It’s going to take me a LONG time to get this done – I’ve got 25 hours on the tractor so far, and every minute of that was ME. Mike has not even SAT on it yet. He’s still pouting about being coerced to buy it. But, as I told him as I came in one evening, almost giddy from what I’d been able to do so easily – and all by myself — “we should have gotten one of these the day we bought this place!”

To paraphrase Scarlet … “As God as my witness, I’ll never go tractorless again!”


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