The sick ward….

The good news is, no one is running a fever tonight. The bad news is, they are still coughing. But, they’ve only just gotten their second dose of Tucoprim. I don’t think I’ve ever had all of my horses come down with something. Faeryn actually came down with strangles when she was two – despite the fact she’d been vaccinated, and hadn’t been anywhere! I never would have even known if I hadn’t found the golf-ball-size lump under her jaw – and took her to the vet to have it cultured. She never missed a meal, barely ran a fever, and no one else got it.  

This particular bug must be very communicable – Faxx never even got close to the horses that were sick – he was on the end of an aisle and my tack room was next to him, and the wall behind him was solid – and the horses that were sick were across the aisle, not behind him.

I did find out that if I added soaked beet pulp to Fling and Faeryn’s food, I could give them the Tucoprim in their feed.  I didn’t even try with Faxx – I knew it would be a waste of the meds since his nickname isn’t Mr. Fussy for nothing! But it saved a lot of time not having to mix and syringe ‘the girls.’ (See, as usual, the girls are not picky — it’s the boy who’s the problem!!)

I think I will call the vet tomorrow and see if there’s something I can give them for the cough. Poor Faeryn had such a bad bout this evening, she was pawing as she coughed.

Their noses are crusty and yucky and it was great fun trying to clean them – even the girls weren’t cooperative for that!

I got my ride times for the HDS show and as usual, they are sucky. Six hours apart, and both my rides are under the same judge. What’s with that??? Hopefully Faxx will be ok by then. He got sick first and hopefully he’ll get well first too.

At least it’s been raining while they’ve been sick! Perfect timiing – which rarely  happens! I’ve made good use of the time off riding to do a bunch of tractor work – takiing down dead trees that have been standing since Ike, moving downed trees to the burn pile, pushing over stumps and trying to clear the ‘wild’ half acre in the very back of the pasture. I even worked in the rain last night – granted it was not raining very hard, and as hot as it’s been, it felt good!


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