Everyone is sick!

Faxx started coughing Monday – by Tuesday evening he had a snotty nose and a low grade fever. Faeryn started coughing Tuesday, and by today everyone had nasty noses and a slight fever. Now I know how moms feel when all their kids are sick at once!

 I stopped by the vet on the way home this evening and got Tucoprim for all of them. Faxx and Faeryn are eating their grain, but just picking at their hay — and even their alfalfa – a true sign they feel crummy.  Fling has the highest temp but seems to feel the best – she’s the only one still eating her hay and alfalfa. It takes a pretty big dose of Tucoprim (a powder) and they won’t eat it in their feed. So I have to mix it with yogurt and a bit of water to thin it, and use a large dosing syringe to administer it.. It’s a messy chore and they all hate it! Fortunately Tucoprim does not have to be given as long as most drugs.. And if they aren’t almost well by Monday, they’ll go to the vet.

I am almost positive Faxx picked this up at the show. A friend of mine who was at the show also has a sick horse, and she said a horse across the aisle from Faxx was sick when he arrived at the show (why do people do that????) and her horse caught it from him — and Faxx probably did, too.


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