Pine Hill – Day Two


Even tho forecasters called for hotter, muggier weather – apparently Bellville didn’t get the memo! It was overcast and very pleasant – almost chilly! And much calmer since there was no jumping today!

Faeryn is turning into a very consistent performer – just like her mom and older sister. She did not really require the 30-minute warm up I’d planned on, so we walked the first 15 minutes or so. I think her fitness level is not quite what it needs to be for a multiple ride, multiple day show at this point. She also is not eating her hay as well as I would like, and that may be part of the reason she doesn’t seem to have as much energy.  I think for future shows I will bring more alfalfa, and also maybe feed her a bit more. She was pretty subdued especially for her!

So Sunday was quite ‘boring,’ especially compared to all the excitement of Saturday! As I always say, where horses are concerned,  “boring is good!”

She put in a clean test for our first go, in Training 2. I think I could do this in my sleep now, I’ve ridden it so many times this year. She had a bit less energy than I would have liked – plenty of ‘forward’ but not as much ‘power’ of inside leg to outside rein and not as much ‘jump’ in the canter. I was able to get that at Tyler – she worked much like she does at home – but at Bellville, she was a bit flatter all weekend, compared to home.

My rides were 1 hour apart and they had my test scored very quickly so I could see what the judge said and try to make improvements in the next test.  She got a 65+ in the first ride and won the small class of two. I was  bit irked that I only got 6 for rider – I’d gotten 7s from the judge the day before. I generally do get 7s.

I only allowed a 15-minute warmup for the second test – it felt about the same as my first one. As soon as we were done, I took her back to the stall (she hadn’t even broken a sweat!) and finished packing everything but her and the water buckets. The place was emptying out and she was one of the last horses and I knew she would really be unhappy left alone in her stall, so I really hustled to get the last few things loaded. I had hitched up my truck earlier in the a.m., so now we were just waiting for our score and we would be out of there.

Faeryn’s next door neighbor, one of the other remaining horses, left to go ride a test and I could hear Faeryn screaming so I hurried over and got her out of her stall, and future trips to load stuff included her!  I even led her down the hill to check scores, not wanting to leave her in her stall with the possibility of injury – or worse  — I was afraid she’d get the idea to jump out of her stall! (the stalls only had half doors – something Faeryn has never seen!)

The scores were up – they had combined all the open/jr/amateur into one class for Training 4, and she had won with a 64.4! Good girl – and up the hill and into the trailer we went! She was happy to get into the trailer and head for home! And even happier to GET home and go bombing around the pasture – braids and all – with her buddies. (I didn’t want to take the time to unbraid her before letting her blow off some steam. She got umbraided after supper that night.)

She has all the scores she needs now to qualify for All Breed Awards with Oldenburg NA. Her median is just under 65% – lower than I would have hoped. The 61 and 63 she got in her first show hurt. I will now have to decide whether to try to take her to another show to try and improve her score.

I spent an hour unpacking stuff and piling dirty clothes by the washer – which ran constantly from about 5 -10 p.m.!  The barn washer will get a good workout too, with dirty saddlepads.

Then I rode Faxx, who had been off for four days! He was a good boy – I tried to shoulder in and half pass – first at the walk and then the trot. The shoulder in went ok, but he was quite mystified by the half pass! 😉 Tomorrow I will ride Faxx again, and Fling, while Faeryn gets a few days off.









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