A First for Fling

I rode Fling in the double yesterday, and rode her in my ‘field’ arena – basically a rectangle marked with step-in plastic posts and some rudimentary letters just so I have an idea where to do certain movements. It gets us out of the arena, and is especially useful when my regular arena footing is not great. Like now – it’s too dry, which makes the deep spots even deeper. And for now, I have no water run out to it. But that is going to change. But I digress.

I worked a lot on half pass. Her right half pass is quite good. Still plugging along on the left half pass, and have made some progress. I think part of the problem is that she really likes to L_E_A_N onto my left leg. that has been a problem that comes and goes ever since she was first started under saddle. Faeryn does the same thing. To combat that, I’ve been making her do leg yields from the ‘wall’ (fence) completely laterally. As in, I put her face into the fence and ask her to completely move sideways – no forward movement at all. She does it fairly well from right to left – but from left to right, she hates, hates, hates to do it. And it’s hard for her. Which is why we need to do it regularly.

And here’s the “first” part. Her flying changes are getting better. Well, more accurately, I am getting better at setting her up to do them successfully! She knows perfectly well how to do a clean flying change. Yesterday I decided to see if I could do more than one….so did one across diagonal as soon after the turn as I could get her set up….then regrouped and asked for another. And got both of them! I was so stunned I didn’t even think about trying for a third! I quit, praised her and gave her a peppermint!


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