Faxx is qualified for the championships…

He was a bit fussier today, and his scores were a bit lower than yesterday, but he ended up winning both Training 4 classes (the largest classes he was in) and got both the scores he needed to compete in the USDF Regional Championships this fall.

He got a 66 in Training 2 this a.m. – he was completely distracted by a  horse someone was hand grazing outside the arena, and he was fussy in the free walk/walk transitions. There were only 3 in the class and we got second.

He got a 67 and won his last class, Training 4 with, I think, 14 riders. He was several points ahead of the second place horse.

All in all, a super show. I can remember when I could not even get him connected at home. Now, the connection is very reliable at home, but not yet reliable at shows.

We are losing a ton of points on our entry/halts and the walk/free walk/walk scores. He does well on the free walk, but the working walk is where he drops contact and gets very fussy.  This generally does not happen at home – but if he is going to drop contact, the walk is where it will happen. That’s part of the reason for our lower scores on our entry/exit halt as well. I know we need to do a million of these transitions at home so we can try for better scores on these movements at our next show. In general, I did not think any of our tests were nearly the best he could do, or even as good as he does at home.

Oh, and by my calculations, Faxx earned the last points he needed (and then some) to complete his Legion of Supreme Honor from the Arabian Horse Association. The Legion of Supreme Honor is designated by a +/ after the horse’s name. Since Faxx has a Legion of Merit (++) as well, I am not sure what little symbols they use – maybe ++/ ?? I guess I’ll find out!

My next show will be Pine HIll in Bellville May 8-9. It’s about 2 hours away, and I am taking Faeryn. Pine Hill used to be one of my favorite places to show. Back in the early 90s, HDS had a show there every Labor Day weekend. That was back when dressage shows were more fun – only two competition rings, and small enough that you knew everyone. And there was usually a competitors’ dinner either Friday or Saturday night.Now our local shows are 4-5 rings and there are way too many people to have an intimidate dinner.

I like Pine Hill for the same reason I liked the Rose Horse Park in Tyler – all the competition arenas are outdoors and there are vast expanses of space where you can warm up – you are not restricted to an overcrowded warm up arena.




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