Quick report from the show..

Faxx and I are competing at the Houston Dressage Society Spring Show this weekend. This is his first recognized show since last September. He was a bit intimidated by the new gazebos with green and white striped awnings flapping in the breeze yesterday. They were right between the two outdoor arenas.

Marta came and schooled me yesterday and again this morning – I was on my own for this aftenroon’s ride.

Neither ride was as good as I know Faxx and I can do – my first ride, Training 4, in the outdoor arena, seemed lackluster to me and I was pleasantly surprised when we tied for first with a 70.8!  There were 14 in the class.  Marta told me it was a good ride with no major issues, but I knew it could be better. My second ride was in the afternoon in the indoor arena that Faxx has never done well in – in my warmup he was super fussy and not wanting to take contact at all. I just tried to not panic and really ride him completely off my seat and legs — and about 2 minutes before we were due to go in the ring I stuffed several sugar cubes in his mouth! When they told me to go in, we entered at trot and he was super connected – fortunately the judge rang the bell almost immediately and we went straight down center line. We had a sticky canter depart and his reluctance to take contact really showed in the working walk – i was able to really push him forward in the free walk and that was ok – but the medium walk before and after, he was Mr. Fussy. But he was well connected in trot and canter, but not working over his back like I would have liked.

A friend of mine was scribing and she found me later and said I did well – of course she did not know the score, but said we had many 7s and 8s.  We ended up with a 69.6 and were 2nd out of 7.

I looked at all the scores posted today and our training level scores were higher than almost all the pros’!

We do it again tomorrow!




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