Faxx gears up for the show

Super ride on Faxx tonight. Tonight is the third day in the row that I’ve ridden him. He’s been fussy and taking inconsistent contact – but tonight it all fell into place. I got better bend in trot and canter and soft downwards where he maintained contact.

Our biggest challenge is our halts. At home I can get a decent halt (Faeryn is the halt ‘queen’ ) but at shows he halts and dives down and invariably jerks the reins. I did a lot of halts today and they were quite good – so hopefully that will translate to the show. I have to remember to LOOK UP, lean back a bit and really put my legs on him and sit up tall and ‘sink’ into his back with my seat and remember to BREATHE and to give with the reins as he halts. I could sit his trot very easily and we did three loop serpentines both directions, and 10m circles.  Hopefully he will work this well at the show this weekend!

I rode Fling tonight too and worked a lot on flying changes. Had some spectacularly crappy ones until I just put her on the rail and made her do changes along the straight line. She was getting very crooked during the changes, and since they are no longer new and exciting, she sometimes just ignores my aids for the change. I have to make sure that I ‘hold’ her with BOTH legs to ensure she does not fall sideways during the change.

Faeryn is still enjoying her post-show rest and relaxation  – she’ll probably get ridden Thursday or Friday. She can be off several days and pick right up where she left off. Faxx, I am discovering, benefits from frequent riding – the sessions can be short – I only rode him 30 minutes tonight — but it usually takes several days for him to get back up to ‘speed.’



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