Packed and ready to go!

The trailer is packed and loaded, it’s hitched up, truck is gassed up, has a new tire and is ready to roll. Tomorrow morning I head out to Tyler, Texas to the Texas Rose Horse Park. It should take me 5-6 hours to get there and I’m not looking forward to the drive – but it’s supposed to be a neat facility. They have eventing there and hundreds of acres. The competitio arenas are all outdoors – which can be bad if the weather is not ideal – but my horses and I both prefer to show outdoors. I am meeting up with my friend, Margaret, who is bringing her Arab gelding, Apollo, as a non-compete so she can ride him around the showgrounds and see how he behaves. Apollo is the same age as Faeryn and Faxx, and has been Faxx’s ‘traveling buddy’ at several Arab shows.

It is a huge show – and there is a wait list. This is definitely Faeryn’s biggest gig. It will be the third time in her life she’s spent the night away from home – and two of those were during hurricane evacuations! She also has never been in a trailer this long.  I have no expectations – she’s been working well, but she will be up against much more seasoned/older horses. Mainly I am looking to have a good time. Hopefully she will be as good and calm as she was last weekend. The best is yet to come with her and I love riding her. If I had time I would really love to take some jumping lessons and do a little low-level eventing. But I think I would have to win the lottery and quit my job to ever have time to squeeze anything else into my schedule! 😉

I rode her this evening and she was a little sluggish until something spooked her and then I was able to harness that energy to get some good work. Her main issue at this point is clear downwards from canter to trot – hers are a little unclear, with some sort of little shuffling, unbalanced thing happening between canter and trot. So I worked on that, and I also worked on halts – she halts reliably square in front, but tends to leave her right hind back. So I concentrated on using my right leg further back and leaning back a bit more to really encourage her to bring that leg up. And it worked. The trick will be to remember to do that IN the show ring. 😉



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